Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center "Beit Saleem"

Responsible person:  Br. Andrew de Carpentier - General Director

                                   Mr. Yousef Rizik, Manager

 Country / geographical area:


Jofeh, (South Shuneh district) near the Dead Sea.

Jofeh village is located in the Jordan Valley at a distance of only five kilometers north from the Dead Sea and at the centre of the South Shuneh district with it’s thirteen villages and a population of approximately 60,000.

The actual work at the Center - better known as Saleem Inn - started in 1996 with the objective of providing Vocational Training for people with special needs. At the time, the Center consisted of a pre-fabricated unit of approximately 100m2   which was used to cover the needs of handicapped people in the entire district. 

In 2005, the workshops moved to newly built premises donated by the Anton Dababneh Family in memory of their late son Saleem.

The Center contains a unique passive cooling system and is equipped for use by people with special needs. It consists of seven workshops for training, rehabilitation and employment, designed to equip handicapped people for life in society and to contribute as productive and self-reliant individuals.

 The Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Centre (JCRC) provides a large range of free-of-charge services for persons with special needs, i.e. visual impairments - Low vision and blindness, hearing impairments - hard of hearing and Deafness, as well as physical and mobility impairments, intellectual impairments and mental illness.

JCRC services include the following: 

-          Vocational training at the Center’s workshops i.e. Sewing, Embroidery, Weaving, Paper recycling, Woodwork (currently in the preparation stage), Candle making (work will start in 2009) and Computer training as well as Teaching English language and Sign language. 

-          Community-based Rehabilitation is offered with the support of a network of organizations that conduct Outreach Programmes. A team of specialists is fielded by the following institutions and carries out training and other activities for rehabilitation and education. Services are provided in close cooperation with the local community.

Networking institutions are:

The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf

*   Al-Hussein Society for the Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Physically challenged Persons

*   Al-Dhia Charitable Society for Visually impaired Children

*   Al-Raja’ Center for Special Education

*   Palestine Hospital

The Program includes the following activities that are implemented and monitored by a team of (mostly female) specialists and volunteers.

*   Classes for students with intellectual impairments

*   Kindergarten class and 4 integrated classes for deaf students at public schools.

*   Class in a public school for blind and visually-impaired students

*   Mainstreaming students with special needs into various schools in Southern Shuneh district

*   Home visits and physical and occupational therapy sessions for persons with physical and mobility disabilities.

The JCRC runs a number of programmes:-

*   A room for speech therapy.

*   A room for physical and occupational therapy and for therapeutic play.

*   Conducting hearing tests and providing free-of-charge hearing aids and ear moulds.

*   Conducting vision tests and providing free-of-charge prescription eyeglasses and optical aids.

*   Providing nutritious meals to needy children below two years of age.

*   Providing nursing and community- based awareness services in the area of healthcare for people and families with special needs.

Transportation to and from the JCRC satellite service centers, such as schools and clinics, is provided free for all students and volunteers.

Specialists of the Outreach Programme of the networking specialized institutions train and follow up on the volunteers who are drawn from the community. They are trained and equipped and empowered to work with persons with special needs.

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Kreimeh Community Rehabilitation Center "Beit Eman"

Responsible person:  Br. Andrew de Carpentier - General Director

                                      Mr. Yousef Rizik, Programme Director

 Country / geographical area:


Kreimeh, (North Shuneh district, from Deir Alla to Wadi Yabis) north of the Dead Sea.

Kreimeh project

The geographical target area covers the whole area from Karameh to Wadi Yabis. In cooperation with the JOFEH Community Rehabilitation Center an initial survey will establish the size of the target group. The project will provide medical, para-medical, rehabilitation and educational services for children and young adults with various disabilities (deaf and hard-of-hearing, blind and low vision, physical and mobility disabilities as well as mental disabilities) in this seriously impoverished area. The target group, estimated to be approximately 600 children and young adults.


General objective of Development

The general objective is to improve the standard of living and quality of life for people with

disabilities and their families in the Kreimeh area.


Specific objective of the project

The primary objective of the project is to provide services through the Kreimeh Community

Center to visually and hearing impaired, physically and mobility disabled, intellectually

challenged persons and individuals with multiple handicaps. In addition, the project will

include a component that focuses on general women’s and reproductive health issues as

well as natal care and other topics that concern women. Finally, the project seeks, through

vocational training, to improve the quality of life for the beneficiaries by giving them access

to employment opportunities and thereby raising their standard of living.

Socio-cultural factors

In modern Jordan, there is a growing awareness of the special needs of people with

disabilities and of issues of special concern to them. The past decade has seen a

significant change in attitudes and an increase in awareness by both the public and private

sectors. Through the implementation of the proposed program, the community will become

more aware of the need as well as the steps necessary to educate and rehabilitate both the community and its challenged members, and raise the awareness of the needs and rights of people with disabilities.

The authorities, such as the Ministries of Education, Social Development and Health, Vocational Training Corporation (Ministry of Labor), and particularly the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities as well as the government at large, including the present parliament, are becoming increasingly aware of the needs of persons with disabilities. The drafting and signing of the Law on the Welfare of Disabled Persons (1993 and 2007) was indicative of the interest of the Government and has been useful in raising awareness. The Jordanian Royal Family has always shown great interest and much support for people, and particularly children, with disabilities and the organizations that ensure their welfare.

Development plan:

In order to safeguard the property from squatting and misuse the following measure were
taken immediately upon the decision to grant title of the land to the Institute:
A perimeter wall has been constructed, 120 cm high, with reinforced concrete foundation.
Reinforced concrete slab as a platform for the pre-fab house (15m x15m)
2 large gates (for entrance & exit of cars & buses, etc.)
2 small gates (for pre-fab building and main construction)
A double (sun insulation) roof has been constructed.
Steel columns (10x10 cm HD tube) with appropriate steel construction for the roof,
covered with HD PVC sheets, to have a double roof for the purpose of insulation
A sewage pit for the whole property was dug (4m x 4m x 3m).
On top three outside toilets and two sinks were constructed for use by children and staff of the centre.
A guardhouse: room with kitchenette, electricity, toilet and sink, for a guard.

Kreimeh center on going activities:


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