Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury

In this Gallery you will find a selection of photos from this years visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Click Here


Bible Land group - 9-2011 2.JPG

Bible Land group - 9-2011.JPG

Group from America 5-2011.JPG

Marriott GMs.jpg

Group from England 5-2011.JPG

Marriott GMsW.jpg



Ambassador of Holland with B. Andrew 09.jpg

Ambassador of Holland

Joshua Beatty.jpg

Joshua Beatty

Norwegian Lutheran Bishops 010.jpg

Norwegian Lutheran Bishops

Revd. Geoffrey Marshall group.JPG

Revd. Geoffrey Marshall.JPG

Revd. Geoffrey Marshall & group

Paulinnenpflege students - Germany 010.jpg

Paulinnenpflege students - Germany

Group from England 010.jpg

Group from England

Highway Projects Team 2010

Highway Projects Team


Carol Barnwell - ERD.JPG

ERD - Carol Barnwell

Group from America 010.jpg

Group from America

Journalists from south America 010.jpg

Journalists from South America



Bishop Suhail Dawani 09.jpg

Bishop Suhail Dawani

Bishop Mark Hanson 2009.JPG

Bishop Mark Hanson with Yousef Rizik (Center Manager)

Mary Eisenhower with Brother Andrew.JPG

Mary Eisenhower with B. Andrew

Bishop Susan Johnson 2009.JPG

Bishop Susan Johnson with B. Andrew (Director of HLID)

Tour operaters from america with Bishop Suhail Dawanie.jpg

American tour operatours with Bishop Suhail Dawani

Group visit.JPG

People to People peace camp students visit

Lutheran Church - America 09.jpg

Lutheran Church - America

Anglican Church - Australia 09.jpg

Anglican Bishop - Australia




Group from Germany 08.jpg

Group from Germany

Alla Karim group 08.jpg

Allah Karim group

Group from The Lutheran Church - America 08.jpg

Group from The Lutheran Church America

Rev. Guenther Hell group 08.jpg

Rev. Guenther Hell - Germany

EMS - Germany 2008.jpg

EMS - Germany

Harverd University students 08.jpg

Harverd University students



Steven Sizer 1.JPG

Steven Sizer


Jofeh with Prince Charles 1.jpg

Prince Chales on his visit to The Holy Land Institute for Deaf